PR for Financial Services & FinTech

Thanks to the FinTech revolution the financial services sector has never been more exiting, but it’s also never been more competitive – making PR for the financial services industry more important than ever.

Disruptive new technologies and changes to regulation has transformed how customers use, interact with and feel about financial services organisations, and with a decade of experience working for one of the UK’s biggest FinTech brands, Good Brothers understands how to help businesses reach, influence and connect with audiences.

What we do

The first step in creating a successful financial services PR campaign is to define what a company stands for and the value it offers customers. We use this information to build messaging around the organisation’s objectives, products, and most importantly, its vision for the future.

These messages form the foundation for all our PR activity and help us create targeted and strategic financial services and personal finance PR campaigns that make news and get people talking.

How we do it

At GoodBrothers, we think that all good PR needs a M.A.T.E

  • Messaging – good PR should make people think, feel or do and should always relate to your brand’s goals.
  • Audience – who are you trying to influence and what is the best channel to do this?
  • Timing – when is the best possible time to serve them your comms?
  • Evaluation – let’s make sure it worked. How can we improve in the future?

Sound 🔥 ?