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Love it or hate it, the television phenomenon that is Game of Thrones has come to an end leaving millions of viewers all over the world with a gaping hole in their viewing schedule.

Until viewers find out whether their petition to recreate the final season has been accepted, research from Good Brothers found that fans are searching for a new show to fuel their water cooler conversations.

Google search volume for “Shows like Game of Thrones”

Google search volume for "Shows like Game of Thrones"

After 8 years it seems that many fans were not quite ready to let go of their favorite show and almost immediately after it ended began searching for their fantasy fix.

Between the airing of penultimate and final episodes, google searches for “shows like Game of Thrones” jumped by 61%.

However, between coffee cups and water bottles being left in shot and disappointing character arcs, many fans may have given up on the final season much earlier. In fact, over the course of season 8 searches for similar shows exploded by 156%.

Game of Thrones truly brought fantasy into the mainstream and it seems that audiences can’t get enough, and now that the show has ended, TV network and streaming services alike are looking for the next big fantasy drama to reel in the viewers.

For those who’re also looking for a new fantasy TV show to get their teeth into, this article from the Guardian list the contenders for the crown.