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Google trends is a pretty handy tool that can help you with all sorts of reactive PR stories, blog and social content, and even some simple outreach pieces.

The Good Brothers are all about doing things differently. So, rather than adding to the thousands of ‘how-to’ guides that are floating about, we thought we’d jump straight in and just show you a few story examples instead – not bad, ey?

“Hang on a sec, I don’t know how to use Google trends.”

No worries, it’s actually pretty intuitive. But if you’re one of those people who likes to read the instruction manual first, Ahrefs has one of those guides we mentioned.

The one thing to remember is that GT doesn’t give you the number of searches for a term but rather it’s relative popularity.

Google trends and consumer behaviour

For this first piece we’re going to take you back to the winter of 2017, when it seemed like everyone and they’re grandmother were frantically trying to buy as much Bitcoin as possible.

Seriously, my Nan bought a LOT of Bitcoin….

Not so long ago the surge in the price of Bitcoin was all the media could talk about, now the only time you hear about it is when it’s hit a new low. So, we thought it would be interesting to see how public interest in Bitcoin has changed using trends data.

Chart of Bitcoin price and search volume 2017-2019

As you can see there’s a pretty crazy correlation here with the price almost an exact match to search interest in places.

Now, you could take to watching search data like a hawk and try to get lucky on the next gold rush, or, you could apply this rationale to content creation instead.

For example, you could use this methodology to predict upcoming fashion trends, the next must visit travel destination, who’s going to win this years Love Island or just to help put together a content calendar.

Google trends for market research

To ensure your PR stories and marketing content are relevant and timely, it’s important to have a good grasp of how your market behaves. Putting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time is key to a successful campaign.

For this example we’re going to spice things up with a bit of role play.

Search volume for 'iPhone slow' peaks aroudn the same time as iOS updates

A common gripe with iPhone owners is how slow they get after a little while, Apple even apologised for it.

We did a little digging and it turns out that every year, search volume for ‘iPhone slow’ tends to peak around the same time as Apple release their latest operating system.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Good Brothers isn’t the kickass, revolutionary communications agency that it is, but a mobile phone sales and repairs shop.

Armed with the information above, we might want to ensure that our social channels, blog content, and hell, even our paid channels are talking about nothing but our awesome iPhone upgrade deals in the run-up to, and immediately following the latest iOS release.

Google trends for benchmarking

Google trends allows you to compare up to five search terms, so it’s a great way to see who’s at the front of the pack.

We’re not just top-notch comms professionals at Good Brothers, we also fancy ourselves as movie buffs. So, for this example, we wanted to look at the relative popularity of recent movie releases.

As you can see, Bird Box absolutely dominates the competition here. In fact, Netflix tweeted that more than 45million accounts have watch Bird Box.

When you take into consideration the number of housemates, siblings, ex-partners and other various freeloaders hitching rides on someone else’s account, then that’s a seriously impressive amount of people.

When we look at the rest of the chart we can see that Bandersnatch anjoyed a hot copule of days before interest declined and Bumblebee trundled on at a fairl consistend rate.

In hindsight, Aquaman may not have been the best choice here as some interest is likely from the comic book franchise rather than the movie.

Know of a trends trick that we’ve missed? let us know below.